Increase revenue, reduce costs, streamline operations, retain top talent and deliver value.
The drivers are similar, but the solutions are different for each firm. SOS translates corporate strategy into a series of actionable steps that can be implemented at all levels. We work with you to design strategies and implement solutions that fit your unique culture.
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  • Aligning Organization, Process and Programs-Providing Focus and Clarity of Mission
  • Operational Transformation-Capacity & Pipeline Building-Resource Maximization

Tailored Business Solutions

Our tailored solutions ensure you have the agile, aligned strategies, structures, processes, systems and cultures to transform and innovate. Executives turn to Strategic Organization Solutions (SOS) for trusted advice and resources to establish direction and improve performance. We know what it takes to operationalize your vision and achieve your mission.

What We Do

We are a dedicated partner to our clients and government, business, and local communities as well as professional and industry associations. We leverage our management consulting and organization development skills to help clients:

• Define and Refine Strategies
• Execute Strategy
• Assess Capabilities
• Build a Road Map for Success
• Transform Organizations
• Improve Operations

Who We Serve

There is no substitute for functional and industry knowledge. Clients need to stay abreast of the competitive landscape and test best practices from their own and other industries. Our consultants draw upon years of front-line and executive experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure your continued success.

Aerospace and Defense
Professional Services
Government Contractors
IT & High Tech
Non Profit
Public Sector

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